Here's a look at our gorgeous fleet.

10 Passenger Limousine

Perfect for weddings, fund raisers, and school dances, it's all business on the outside, and party on the inside. You'll want to rent this today, before someone else does.

This is a lovely limo with amenities such as leather seating, mirrored ceilings, tinted windows for privacy, cup holders at the premium bar areas, as well as an iPod capable sound system.

12 Passenger Limousine

This is a classic limo and there's no better option when it comes to handsome vehicles! Perfect for bachelor parties, sporting events, and corporate events, it's waiting for you!

You and your friends will be impressed with this one! This limo comes with white leather seating, custom stereo system, dark windows, neon lighting accents, bars with ice, and more!

14 Passenger Limousine

This is a gorgeous limousine to rent for any event, whether it's elegant or laid back. The durable look of this limo makes it popular with bachelors, whereas the shiny interior drives all of the bachelorettes wild.

Our 14 passenger stretch limo has all of the bells and whistles. You'll enjoy laser style light shows, cup holders along the seating, bar areas, comfortable leather seating along the perimeter, coated windows, a loud sound system, and much more.

16 Passenger Limo Bus

This impressive bus is known for it's polished exterior and vehicle features. Recently renovated, you'll feel as though you're in a brand new bus!. This is great for birthday parties, as well as bachelor/bachelorette parties!

This limo bus includes wave style leather seating around the perimeter, polished flooring, large TV, DVD player, a great stereo, colorful neon lighting throughout the interior, convenient bar areas, and tinted windows for privacy.

18 Passenger Limo Bus

The next size up in our fleet is our 18 passenger limo bus! This is a bus that's perfect for anything! The sleek design is clean and beautiful and the featured amenities make it fun for celebrations ranging from classy to wild!

This bus has: Comfortable black leather seating, color-changing lights, super large TV and DVD player, on board bar, CD play and iPod aux input, a polished floor, room to dance, and tinted windows for complete privacy.

22 Passenger Limo Bus

What a gem this is! Our 22 passenger limo bus is one of our favorites! This is a beautifully designed vehicle with some of the most lustrous lighting effects in our entire fleet.

On board you'll find color-changing fiber optic lights, light up ceiling, large TV and DVD player, CD player and iPod input, large cooler, leather seats, booming audio system and more!

24 Passenger Limo Bus

This 24 passenger bus is one of the most popular vehicles in our fleet! This is a spacious bus with a beautiful reflective ceiling, black leather seats and plenty of room to stretch out!

Enjoy movies and music over the incredible sound system when you play CDs or plug in your iPod or pop a movie into the DVD player to watch on the TV! And mix drinks at the bar!

26 Passenger Limo Bus

Looking for a vehicle to tailgate in? If so, take a look at this bus. There's no better option when it comes to handsome vehicles! Perfect for bachelor parties, sporting events, and corporate events!

This large limo bus features custom leather seating around the perimeter, polished flooring, colorful interior lighting, large bar areas, TV, DVD player, and CD player, a great stereo, and tinted windows for privacy.

28 Passenger Limo Bus

This is another of our favorites in the fleet. Our 28 passenger bus is a really beautiful vehicle with an interior design that is just flawless. The leather seating and colorful lighting give this bus a beautiful and exciting atmosphere.

This bus has one of the largest TVs, so you can enjoy all of your favorites movies with the included DVD player. For music you can enjoy your favorite tunes via CD or iPod and for drinks you can chill them in the cooler!

30 Passenger Limo Bus

This incredible 30 passenger party bus it the largest vehicle in our fleet! It's incredibly spacious and has all the features and amenities you need to enjoy a night out on the town!

Features: Leather seats, colorful lighting, large flat screen TV, two beverage areas, booming audio system, CD player, aux ports for iPods, DVD player, custom floor and ceiling.


We offer a variety of SUVs for around town transport, such as airport shuttle.