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Have you ever had to plan any kind of large event? If you happen to be thinking that you can handle planning your wedding, we beg of you to think again. Planning a successful wedding is not an easy task by no means. You may be enjoying looking through wedding magazine and websites but when it comes to pulling everything off, it will be no time before you find yourself buried in checklists, deadlines, and decisions to be made. Make no mistake, there are many pitfalls ahead if you decide to pursue this course. Hiring a professional wedding planner should be the foremost thing that is on your mind. We know that a lot of people feel like they cannot afford every possible wedding vendor that they could hire so they have to cut somewhere. As much as this might be a temptation, we cannot state in strong enough terms that you make your cuts somewhere else. Now, if you do not want to enjoy the journey in the months leading up to your vows, then by all means go ahead and leave a wedding planner out of your plans. But if you really want to have fun with your wedding as you concentrate on just the enjoyable areas, then a planner is an absolute must. In order to make an informed decision, you will want to find out some pertinent information from each candidate that you think is worthy of consideration. For your part, you will want to have some information ready to give any planner that you interview. Have you figured out a budget for your entire wedding. If you have not you need to. How many guests are coming to your wedding? What is the date and time of your ceremony? Have a good idea of how to articulate your overall vision and overall design ideas for your ceremony and reception? If you have this information figured out, start checking out potential wedding planners in the Pittsburgh area. Here is a guide as to what you want to find out as you perform this all important search.

A probing question to ask any of your candidates is find out why they became a wedding planner in the first place. You want to find out what makes them tick and what their motivations are. DO they seem to be interested in just making money or do they have a passion helping others. What was the most challenging wedding they ever planned? What creative solutions got them past the challenges? Where did their training come from? How much experience do they have? If they have other clients at the same time as they are providing service to you, make sure that you will receive enough of their attention. How do they like to communicate with their clients? How often will you be updated on the planning progress?

Do they have a working relationship with set vendors that they recommend to you? Do they receive a commission if you book their recommended vendor? What is included in the services that they provide? Is negotiating and reviewing contracts one of them? Look closely at the packages that they offer. Ask for a breakdown of what each service costs. How does payment for everything and for the planner work?

Ask for references. Talk to these past clients, this is a great window into how the planner works. Pay close attention to each candidates response as you tell them your ideas. Do they seem to be listening? Are they open to your suggestions? Do you think that you would get along with them? Can they work with your budget? Go back and look at all of the answers given by each candidate and figure out which planner you like best. Now you can go and enjoy your marriage journey.

Wedding Guide: Helping To Plan Your Special Day

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