Butler, PA

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Butler's Top Bars & Restaurants

The Chop Shop

108 N Main St, Butler, PA 16001

(724) 256-9959

The Chop Shop is easily one of the most popular restaurants in all of the the Butler area. They are constantly going to great lengths to make sure that they have the greatest tasting and most creative food in the whole community. They are always changing their menu up to make sure that it is fresh and unique every time you head there. They are a great place to head on a date, a family dinner, a meet up spot with friends, or to host a great private event.

Rachel's Roadhouse

100 Fairfield Ln, Butler, PA 16001


Rachel's Roadhouse is not only one of the most delicious places to grab a bite to eat in Butler, but it is also one of the most fun places as well. They offer a spectacular and wide ranging menu that you can not help but absolutely love, as well as lunch and inner specials that will never cease to save you some money. Don't forget to take a shot at their delectable desserts and to take full advantage of their excellent full service bar.


600 Moraine Pointe Plz, Butler, PA 16001

(724) 285-6666

Offering some of the most delicious Japanese cuisine around, Hokkaido offers an environment that is perpetually cozy and always comfortable. Their atmosphere is quaint with traditional decorations adding to the overall experience. Their food will knock you out of your booth with how good it is. It is expertly crafted by professional chefs and it is always delicious. They have some amazing Japanese cuisine and some of the best, most fresh sushi you've ever had.

Rey Azteca

255 New Castle Rd, Butler, PA 16001

(724) 285-2600

Rey Azteca is the premier purveyor of fantastic and authentic Mexican cuisine in the Butler area. They have great and clear passion for the people that walk through their doors and the food that they make. Each and every one of their dishes have been prepared with the utmost care with an authentic and mild flavor. They have amazing deals that will satisfy your palate as well as your wallet. Rey Azteca is the place to go if you're a big fan of Mexican food, or if you're looking to try some great Mexican food with a unique spin on it.

Element Cafe

232 S Main St, Butler, PA 16001

(724) 282-2044

Element Cafe is a glowing gem in the downtown area of Butler, and is a frequent stop for those looking to enjoy a casual lunch or a light snack while enjoying a hot cup of coffee that is absolutely beyond compare. The interior atmosphere of this eclectic little cafe is extremely charming and will never cease to put a great big smile on your face. They have very aesthetically pleasing exposed brick walls, as well as fantastic art work lining the walls that are sure to always delight your senses.

Fortune Star Buffet & Grill

330 Butler Commons, Butler, PA 16001

(724) 282-3300

Normally buffets of any kind are rather iffy, much less Chinese buffets, but Fortune Star Buffet & Grill absolutely obliterates this preconceived notion, one hundred percent. They make sure to only use the best and most fresh ingredients, and are always bringing fresh food out, even on a Tuesday afternoon. This is because they take great value in their meals and the customers who they serve. With great items like orange chicken, almond chicken, and so on, as well as a hibachi grill and a sushi bar, you will love the meals that you get at Butler's Fortune Star Buffet & Grill.

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